Make your Deer Hunting Experience Easy, Fun and Memorable!

| November 10, 2014

When it comes to deer hunting, it pays to consider all the options. You can either do your hobby on legal hunting areas or you can start off through a premier hunting outfitter which offers good hunting packages. But whether you are an experienced buck hunter or a newbie, the strategies below can help make your hunting experience exciting and memorable.

Find Something That You Love About Hunting

There is bound to be something about hunting that gets you going. Maybe it is the shooting. Well that’s enough to give you the motivation to start your hunting transition.

Do some Practice!

Before the season, practice regularly how to set and take down your tree stand quietly. Getting in and out of your spot without making any noise is very essential to having a look at a good harvest. This will make sure that by the time you head to the woods you have internalized the art and you won’t have any issue operating quietly hence making the experience a walk in the park for you!

Lighten up!

Take friends with you When you talk to someone you like or love, you are likely to be at your best. You always try to show your true colors. This will definitely put you in a good position and you are bound to enjoy more.

Wash your clothes and Shower with a scent-free soap before heading to the woods
Deer are easily spooked by human odor. To make sure this does not happen and ruin your day, use a scent-less soap to shower and wash your clothes. Additionally try not to contaminate your clothes on the way to the woods. Try to keep the clothes sealed in a bag with dirt, leaves or a plastic container containing ground debris from around where you are.

This will make sure your hunting clothes only take the natural scents which will make it easy for you to locate the deer without it noticing you. Furthermore you will have easy time hunting as you enjoy yourself in the field.

Do some research about deer hunting before going to the woods…

If you are a newbie in the woods it is essential that you do some research before going there. You should know the do’s and don’ts as this will make your work a bit easier and enjoyable. For instance if you take a shot and find red or pink blood or brown hair with bubbles it is likely that you have got a lung or heart hit. Thick dark red blood with brown hair shows the hit was way too far back, probably a liver shot. Watery blood and white hair with some stomach contents indicates a bad hit.

Take time to rest

Rest is an essential aspect of any exercise including hunting. When you are resting physiologically, your body seizes the opportunity to repair worn out parts and you become stronger in preparation for the next job. This will make sure that you do the correct thing at the right time and not mess up. Messing up may lead to miss shot which can be boring and non- exciting.

Carry electrical tape

Whenever you are hunting in a wet and moist weather, using a piece of electrical tape at the end of the barrel will help to keep the moisture at bay. Your work will simply be to shoot through the tape when the right time comes as you enjoy yourself


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