How Do I Know When I Need A Business Coach?

| November 2, 2014

business coachingThere are a lot of reasons you would want to get a business coach. You may be lacking in experience or motivation when it comes to progressing past a certain point. You may be struggling to move beyond just breaking even. You may have problems among your employees and not know how to deal with them. At times you may not even see the reason, thankfully though,  there are some telltale signs that you need a business coach.

Your business begins to destabilize or is stalled.

When your business has stalled or hit a plateau, where you are not loosing, but not really gaining either, it is a sign you need help. These periods of stalling are more than just seasonal highs and lows. These times are defined by the bottom line, and if you are not continuing to grow then there is something wrong. In worse cases, you are actually beginning to shrink and loose money, which is an even more serious sign you need help. A business coach can often be the difference between succeeding and failing, especially for young business within their first few years.

You feel overwhelmed by sudden expansion and growth.

Businesses tend to be stressful, even when they are doing well. Just as with stalling or faltering, sudden booms in business can create overwhelming demands that many small business owners are ill prepared for. It is a tragic fact that business can flounder when they seem to be flourishing, because owners are not experienced enough to handle the increased demands and complexity. A business coach can be an invaluable source of guidance and experience to help teach the coping and management skills needed.

You don’t see a problem, but others do.

When there is internal struggling or debating within a company, and you cannot see for yourself what the issue is, a business coach can be an invaluable outside perspective. Their ability to see the big picture in ways most business owner’s have trouble seeing can help them move beyond many problems. They also offer neutral stances that are focus more around business than personal issues. Sometimes, the problem is also one you cannot see outside the business, such as problems expanding or selling. A business coach can help identify issue with the market and your business’s place in it. Being a business owner at times can blind you to certain facts regarding value, and if you are attempting to sell a business without luck, they can help you re-appraise it and fix problems that are holding it back.

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